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Nerve: Six Degrees of Sexeration

December 27, 2011

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We live in an era of ostentatious hookups — our grandparents would be ashamed at the transparency of our romantic lives. Facebook users, young and old alike, post pictures, comments, and links that make it all-too-clear who’s knockin’ boots with whom. Whether you’re sexually active in a small town or a big city, it doesn’t take too much scrolling through a feed to realize that your friends list is a bit more, ahem, “connected” than you’d assume. The Hungarian writer Karinthy seems to have been onto something with his six-degrees-of-separation hypothesis, but I’d go one step further: at times it seems everyone is connected by a chain of sexual partners numbering around six.

One night, after no fewer than six beers, I and six sexually connected friends of mine came up with an idea: a Facebook group that would connect everyone in the world through their sexual partners. Gradually, we settled on the name Six Degrees of Sexeration, to show just how small — and in turn, large — our sexual circles are.

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